[Rifa Precision Machinery]Vice President of Honeywell and His Delegation Visited The Company

Update date:2019-04-03Source:Rifa Precision Machinery

On March 22, David Marinick, Vice President of Honeywell (US) and his team visited Rifa Precision Machinery for an exchange and investigation accompanied by Chris Hart, CEO of Airwork and other personnel. Mr. Wu Jie, Chairman of the board of RPM and Mr. Wang Benshan, President of RPM, together with relevant leaders, gave a warm reception.

The two sides held business talks at the headquarters of Rifa Group in Hangzhou. Chairman Wu made a brief introduction on the development history of the company. General Manager Wang introduced in detail the production and sales results of RPM in recent years and the development direction of aviation industry at present. Afterwards, Michael Bevans introduced Honeywell's recent core products and its vision for the Chinese market in detail. The two sides exchanged views on the manufacture and maintenance of Chinese civil helicopters and expressed great expectations for the future.

After the meeting, the delegation visited Rifa Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park for field where General Manager Wang explained the manufacturing of the automatic production line for processing the casing of the aero-engine of RPM and the self-power production line for aluminum alloy parts, and introduced the aero-engine products and composite products being processed on the production line.

The delegation affirmed the manufacturing achievements of the company. General Manager Wang said that Rifa will always adopt the concept of auto parts to make aviation parts, proceed from the current advantages of composite processing, face up to problems and challenges, accelerate the pace of innovation, and do our best. At the same time, President Wang sincerely hoped that domestic and foreign enterprises can strengthen exchanges, learn from each other and make joint efforts for the development of the great aviation industry.