Apply Value Investment to Create Social Value

ABOUT RIFA’s Financial investment

Adhere to the model of Investment + Service.
Adhere to the strategy of industrial chain investment.
Adhere to the principle of value investment.
Adhere to the investment culture of sticking together with local MSEs through thick and thin, and walk side by side with MSEs.

Established in April 2008 with the registered capital of RMB 50 million, Wudu Investment Co., Ltd. was is the platform of the external investment and industrial integration of Rifa Group. Its business contents cover such aspects as the equity investment, M&A, assets restructuring, designated placement, portfolio investment and financial consulting.

The company has a professional management team with reliable experience and sharp value judgment. It has developed strategic cooperation relationship with various industry associations, universities and research institutions, to advance its long-term research in different industries, including new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end equipments, bio-medicine and so on. The management team has accumulated wide network over the years, which is bringing in a steady flow of project resources and facilitating the company’s effort in becoming a domestically advanced and professional PE/VC entity.

  • Finance / Funds
    China Zheshang Bank (02016.HK).HK)
    Medical industry fund Internet industry fund
    Growing industry fund Cultural industry fund
  • New material
    New energy
    LONGi Stock (601012)
    Zhejiang Daming
    Zhejiang Tiantie
  • biological medicine
    among others (833266)
    Fengyuan Stock (002805)
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Rifa Group has established multiple investment and financing platforms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxembourg etc., forming a complete and flexible legal structure for global investment and financing. With the strategic guidance of globalized industry development and assets allocation, Rifa Group will actively search for the best strategic and financial investment opportunities in Europe, North America, and Oceania, to expand the portfolio into emerging industries like smart farming, aviation technology, health and medication, new material, pension service, and high-end financial service. Local teams with professional management and capital operation skill will be established to advance M&A and integration, to maximize shareholder value.

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