about rifa

Chairman's Statement

I. Implement Management Philosophy in Business Management

Strolling on the journey of industry development, we will always be together through thick and thin. It is the urge of father and the passion of youth that makes Rifa renowned high-end machine manufacturer, a second- generation-entrepreneur private enterprise

In 1993, Rifa was fertilized at Xinjiang River, and born at Cao’e River. With 800,000 RMB working capital, it rode the winds and waves, where a second wave of entrepreneurship was surely expected and indeed happened in this company. And once again, the whole company marched on the great migration. This enabled us to take root at Huanglong business district in Hangzhou, headquarters of Decision Making, Investment, and Governance. Meanwhile, to utilize local advanced resources , we established production and operational bases in Shanghai, Shandong, Anhui, Xinjiang, Hongkong, Australia, Italy, Kazakhstan etc.

It is a golden period lasting for decades, and I have joint hands with the market and wealth. With accumulated experience from industry operation, Rifa has cultivated its own management ideology of ‘never worry about how big the company would be, but how long it can last.

II. Implement Industry Ideals in Cause Management

From business management to cause management is not just about chasing after capital, but more of a highly merged process of specific capital activity and the return of human nature. On the vast prairie in China’s western region, rides the reverie of ‘urban herdsman’. At this moment, prairie is not an abstract idea anymore, nor is it a savage and wild land at mystery horizon. It is the howling under lasso pole, and the pastoral song flickering from afar that form the seasons of this land, cascaded with snow-white Khada. Rifa Salutary, Rifa Mustang, Rifa Australia, and Rifa Kazakhstan are dedicated to lead the way for a better life, to add colors into urban leisure that sets free the spirit of “there is no border for travelers”, and to unleash the yearning for turning away from the hustle and bustle and escaping PM2.5 for an exchange of willful wander in the green heaven. Looking to the future, Rifa is marching towards prairies, fertile lands, and the whole world!

About Rifa

Rifa Holding Group is a large private joint-stock conglomerate, with its headquarters sitting close to the gorgeous West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Since its establishment in 1993, it has been focusing on high-tech sectors, and holding fast to the operational ideology of Digitalization, Informationization, Agility, and Internationalization. With revitalizing national industry as its own responsibility, Rifa is committed to improve traditional industry through high-tech and continuous innovation. It is a frontrunner in high-end textile machinery and CNC machine tools sectors. Rifa has entered into six sectors including textile machinery, precision machinery, agriculture and animal husbandry, cultural and sports industry, general aviation, and financial investment. From integrated optical-machinery-electronic manufacturing, to people’s daily life; from delivering digitalized factory to clients, to providing organic food and healthy lifestyle, Rifa has lifted people’s life quality and happiness index. It has continuously achieved miracles.

Looking forward, with a international perspective, Rifa is building an interactive platform of ‘flow of people, logistic, and information’. With industry operation as the basis, and capital operation as the tool, Rifa will integrate the resources throughout the whole value line, and add innovation into the industry system, so as to maximize the value and realize the harmonious unification of science and technology, environment, production, and living. It will make unremitting effort on the journey towards its strategic vision of becoming an agile and international company.