[Air Xiya] 2019 Taklimakan Rally Air Rescue

Update date:2019-05-20Source:Air Xiya

The grand opening ceremony of China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally 2019 and China Cross Country Championships Xinjiang venue was held in Aksu movie town. Xiya Helicopter Aviation co., Ltd., as the strategic partner of this rally, undertook the air emergency rescue of this event.

This year's rally lasted for 14 days and covered a total distance of about 5,000 kilometers, including 2,500 kilometers for special stages. The event, which will be staged around the Taklamakan desert, was expected to be one of the most difficult in the race's history, not only a new challenge for the contestants, but also an unprecedented challenge for the air emergency rescue support. As an entity that has been providing emergency rescue support to China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally for five consecutive years, Air Xiya has ample experience in flight and support. After receiving the task, the aircrew responded promptly and made full preparations for flight rescue. The helicopters and aircrew were adjusted to the optimum status and fully cooperated with the event organizer to ensure a full-scope support for the emergency rescue.

With 2019 China Around Taklimakan (International)Rally kicking off, racers incarnated into hero conquering the desert with Air Xiya as the most solid safety shield.