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Vacancies and Application Channels:

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Compensation Package:

We yearn for talents, and are happy to provide competitive salaries and bonus.

Compensation Package

Basic annual salary
Seasonal and annual merit pay (depends on the results of seasonal and annual performance assessment)
EVA and other rewards for innovation

Here are some primary and decisive factors for your salaries: company performance, department performance, individual performance, and market salary status. Meanwhile, company’s various industrial businesses will provide special project bonus and options, to attract, retain, and motivate the management and key employees who make prominent contributions to the projects.

Insurance, employee care, and other welfare:

Statutory social insurances, housing provident fund, meal allowance, fuel subsidies, free annual medical examination, vacation policy( annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave), holiday gifts, employee care (birthday party, funeral condolence, labor comfort, major disease and disaster fraternity), and other customized benefits.

  • Basic Salary
    Based on the position, performance and capability
  • Merit Pay
    Performance-based Connected with personal or company performance
  • E V A
    Middle- and long-term incentive plan Share the success of company with employees

Application Process: