Integrity And compliance

Rifa Holding Group strongly advocates professional ethics of law abiding, honesty and integrity. We are committed to abide by the law and regulations, company policies, as well as business ethics during out cooperation with clients, suppliers and partners. All employees are bounded to adhere to these ethics when conducting any business activities. If you have the following demands, please feel free to contact our internal auditing department:

Need further explanation over our employees’ ethnical behavior during business activities;

Would like to complain about certain business behavior of our employees that may have breached the law or business ethics.

Anyone submitting a complaint or question is encouraged to provide more detailed information so that we may contact him or her directly, if necessary. We will handle all inquiries or report discreetly and make every effort to maintain, within the sphere of the applicable laws and regulations, the confidentiality of the source of any inquiry or report. Necessary assistance will be provided when it is called for.

Internal Auditing Department

Rifa Holding Group



This email is only available for consultations and complaints regarding the integrity issues of employee of Rifa Holding Group. If you want to consult about the businesses of Rifa Holding Group, please contact relevant business units.