Create the largest modern organic animal husbandry base featuring the whole industrial chain

about rifa's agriculture & husbandry

Core Mission: provide safe, healthy, and organic products to customers.
Establish an image of the most responsible enterprise and the most trustworthy brand.

Founded in 2012, the company has aimed to develop pasture resources in western China and an entire industrial chain of animal husbandry. Based on the requirement of “efficiency, ecology, safety and green”, RIFA Salutary enhances innovation in operational mechanism and strives to create the project into the most influential first-class demonstration project in China. In addition, RIFA Salutary is committed to becoming the largest modern base of organic animal husbandry in Xinjiang, even in China and developing into the leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization.

Core Mission:Bringing benefits to farmers in animal husbandry while providing green and healthy products for customers. Provide safe, healthy, and organic products to customers. Establish an image of the most responsible enterprise and the most trustworthy brand.

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Address: Room 23-2, Dacheng International Center, No. 358, Beijing Road South, Urumqi, Xinjiang
Tel:0991-3659555 Fax:0991-3633226

Rifa Salutary Wujiaqu Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Address: the sixth sub field of Xinhu Farm, Manas County, Xinjiang

Established in 2012, Rifa Salutary Wujiaqu Animal Husbandry Ltd is located at the scenic Manasi Lake Farm in Changji, Xinjiang.With the concern and support of leaders from all levels, and with the progressive ideology to adopt industrialized management with scientific development, the company is now the largest grass planting and sheep breeding Husbandry Company in Xinjiang with the best facilities. The company has over 15,000 ewes and some 2,000 stud sheep. On a land over 5,000 mu (1mu=0.0667hecter) is the reproduction base of fine breed sheep, with standardized steel-structure sheep pens and related facilities. It pens stud sheep and sheepmeat sheep throughout the year with intensive production scale, adopts high-bed sheep breeding technique, and an operational model of combined agriculture and husbandry, and integrated production and marketing.

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Xinjiang Rifa Fresh Food Investment Management Ltd was founded in 2015, with its main business being meat and subsidiary products processing, food selling, agriculture technology promotion, software development, information technology consultancy, internet information service and etc. It has launched a series product of beef and sheepmeat, branded Meet Nature.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rifa Salutary Animal Husbandry Ltd, Xinjiang Rifa Fresh Food Investment Management Ltd stands on the shoulder of its mother company’s industrialized base of cattle and sheepmeat sheep, which is organic and modernized, to select high-quality meet from this natural pasture in Xinjiang. With its exquisite cutting technique and advanced vacuum packing technology, it continues to meet consumer’s customized demands. While respect the culture of minorities, it supervises the whole processing flow of halal food, so as to assure consistent quality of beef and sheepmeat throughout production, processing, and onto the table of consumers.

The company holds fast to the principle of keeping Xinjiang as a pivot point to serve the whole country. With the goals to be trustworthy, technically exquisite, providing fast delivery, and five-star service, it is committed to provide safe, healthy, green and organic beef and sheepmeat products to consumers, so as to build an image of the most responsible, most trustworthy, the safest, and the most delicious food safety service company, promoting Meet Nature as a nationally famous high-end brand.

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Address: R23-2, Dacheng International Center, No.358 South Beijing Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang  Tel:0991-3659555

Rifa Group is actively carrying out overseas investments in farming and husbandry industries, and expanding its industrial layout. The investment focus is Australia, given its god-given nature for animal husbandry. Since Rifa brought its footprints on the land of Australia, it already established two arms there: Rifa Australia PTY. Ltd, and Rifa Salutary Australia PTY., Ltd. The former one focuses on asset custody while the latter one industry operation, with a professional operational management team of local senior managers.

Currently, the Group operates across five large pastoral aggregations which exist in two geographic regions, northern New South Wales and western Victoria in Australia. These properties are Cooplacurripa, Middlebrook and Ashleigh in New South Wales, as well as the time-honoured Blackwood and Kulwin Park in Victoria. The company owns more than 44,000 hectares of farmlands with 22,000 heads of cattle and 5,000 sheep, and 3,000 hectares of cropping land.

The company has formed a livestock production system with breeding, backgrounding and fattening for high-quality beef cattle and meat sheep. Its mission is to create a highly performing and secure integrated red meat supply chain that provides safe, healthy and nutritious products to consumers. It aims to build a reputation as a reliable, sustainable and responsible producer using natural and human resources coupled with innovation and technology to deliver a premium quality, traceable and trustworthy brand.

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