[Anhui Rifa Textile] Professional Training Services Trusted by Overseas Customers

Update date:2019-04-22Source:Anhui Rifa Textile

Recently, Anhui Rifa Textile Machinery successfully signed a contract with Indonesian customer DMST company, and obtained a large order worth 100 million yuan of air spinning. This is a significant event for Anhui Rifa to respond to the national "Belt And Road" initiative, implement the "go out" strategy and win the favor of the countries along the belt and road!

Carrying out the whole process of pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale service concept, we have obtained customer trust with professional service. On March 17 to 22, Anhui Rifa held a professional training for customers of rotor spinning machine (RFRS30). Eight representatives from Indonesia DMST company attended the training. The training was delivered by the backbone of the company's engineering service department and technology department. It does not only enable customers to learn and master the structure of air spinning, but also create an opportunity for them to go deep into the workshop for hands-on production and assembly practice, so as to ensure the correct and standardized use and maintenance of equipment after delivery.

Going forward, Anhui Rifa Textile Machinery will continue to strengthen the overseas market development efforts, build a broader marketing channels, improve service, expand exports to win the trust of more overseas customers with excellent product quality and professional service experience !