Occupy a Summit in Domestic Horse Industry

ABOUT RIFA’s Cultural and sports

The company harbors the best experts in equestrianism and horse industry, and has built closed cooperative relationship with Chinese Equestrian Association, China Agricultural University, the Equestrian Center of General Administration of Sports of China, British Equestrian Association, and German Equestrian Association. Substantial cooperation in various areas has been carried out.
Initiated the cause to build a standardized system of equestrian technology
Continue to create a leading brand in the industry and improve the industry’s global influence
Built the first international equestrian academy, equine animal hospital, and equine animal auction market in China
Build a horse industry mothership with the core of two wings and one body

RIFA Mustang Equestrian Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rifa Holding Group Co., Ltd., responsible for conducting projects of RIFA Group related to horses. It was founded in March 2012, with the registered capital of 100 million RMB. Its headquarters is located at Beijing Longtan Lake Sports Industrial Park.

The company has projects in primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, such as sports competition, culture creativity, leisure and tourism, cultivation and breeding, biological product, and etc.

The company’s core strategy is ‘one body with two wings’. One body refers to the equestrianism club, and two wings consisting: 1) good horse. It will build bases for horses of fine breeds across the country; and 2) talent. It will co-build the Sino-Europe Equestrianism Academy which is at the leading position in the world.

Mustang Beiqing Equestrian Club

Beiqing Equestrian Club in one of the most important projects under the brand chain of Mumatang, with the service portfolio covering equestrian sports, leisure and dining, as well as business reception. The horse club is located at Haidian district in Beijing, which is 30 minutes’ drive from Zhongguancun. Its surroundings have convenient transportation system, graceful environment, fresh air, and not to mention how close it is to the Summer Palace, Western Hill, Rice Fragrance, and Temple of Great Awakening. Jinmi Diversion Canal flowing in front the door is just another icing on the cake.

Inside the club, we have complete supporting facilities such as restaurants, accommodation, training room, and multi-function room. With elegant and spacious American style decoration, visitors will be drenched in an exotic atmosphere. The club currently owns some 20 horses, including warmblood, thoroughbred, Orloff, half bred, and domestic bred, so as to meet various demands of clients. We have seasoned coaches to give professional guidance, and provide thoughtful services, to ensure a taste of unique charm of equestrian sports for you.

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Address: Room 413, Building 9, No.1 Yard, Tianxing Street,Fangshan District Beijing Tel:010-89352890 Website:www.mustang.org.cn

Rifa Mustang Pty Ltd

Rifa Mustang Pty Ltd was established in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, with a commitment to grow into a professional company of global horse breeding and horse racing.

The company is gradually developing various businesses such as thoroughbred breeding, horse racing, investment fund management, stud crowdfunding, horse farm operation, horse wager service and marketing. It has already opened up four operational bases in Australia, Europe, Japan, and China.

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Address: level 35, 2 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank, Vic 3006  Tel: +61 3 9645 7749

Xinjiang Horse Industry Development Co., Ltd. was initiated and founded by 12 different companies, with Rifa Mustang Equestrian Co., Ltd as the biggest shareholder. Xinjiang horse industry is able to aggregate local resources, and is committed to give a full play of Xinjiang horse culture, create a horse capital in China, so as to propel the economic and social development in Xinjiang.

The company will vigorously promote the Tianshan Equestrianism Manor project and the construction of the Xinjiang Modern Horse Industrial Park project. With the support of the Tianchi Resort, the Tianshan Equestrianism Manor project will completely change the current situation of the one-day Tianchi sightseeing tour upon completion. It will take the large horse-theme live-action performance, equestrian performance, equestrian experience, equestrian competition, leisure riding, and horse culture holiday as its major attractions, carry forward the horse culture, boost the horse-related tourism and develop the horse-related economy. Xinjiang Modern Horse Industrial Park includes the Xinjiang Stallion Station project, the fine horse breeding project, the Xinjiang Horse Registration Testing Center project, the Horse Veterinarian Diagnosis and Treatment Center project and the Horse Training Center project. Upon completion, Xinjiang Modern Horse Industrial Park will solve the problem of the sustainable development of the horse industry in Xinjiang, make breakthroughs in the registration and breeding, and assist the fine horses and talents in Xinjiang to go to the whole country.

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Address: Room 23-2 Dacheng International Center, No.358 South Beijing Road, Urumqi  Tel:0991-3659492  Fax:0991-3633226  Post Code:830001