talent development

Philosophy on talent development

Three channels of talent development

The Group is making advancement and seeking global expansion in a range of industries as textile machinery, machine tools, agriculture and animal husbandry, horse industry, general aviation, cultural and show industry, hotel, and investment. This naturally formed three development channels for talents: management channel, specialty channel, and cross-industry channel. The company, together with its staff, will map out their individual career development plans, based on the company global expansion demands, individual knowledge and skills required by the job, as well as employee’s own expectations on career development. 

Five Principles of Talent Development

  • Talents training and development should be based on corporate strategy and organizational development demands
  • Form differentiated/customized training management system in accordance to different talent groups
  • Provide job rotating, cross-function, and cross-industry opportunities to employees with potential
  • Continue to better match the talents with relevant positions and teams
  • Optimize the team structure of talents to maintain the internal passion and vitality