[Air Xiya]Successfully passed the three international management system certifications of “quality, environment, occupational health and safety”

Update date:2019-02-26Source:Air Xiya

In order to strengthen the standardized management within the company, enhance service awareness and enhance market competitiveness, Air Xiya actively prepared in the close cooperation of various departments of the company. On February 18, 2019, the company passed the strict examination by the expert group and obtained the quality management system certification certificate, environmental management system certification certificate and occupational health and safety management system certification issued by China certification and accreditation association.

Through the three major system certifications, it means that Air Xiya has established a complete quality management system in terms of company management, flight work, safety implementation, business market and service optimization. The certification of quality management system and environmental management system promotes the company's efficiency, cost reduction, quality service and customer satisfaction. Occupational health and safety management system is a kind of scientific and effective management means for the company's occupational health and safety performance. Obtaining the certification of the three major systems can effectively help the company to eliminate business barriers, bring direct and indirect economic benefits to the company, and establish a good quality image in the business market.

Air Xiya will further improve its internal management system, enhance team cohesion, fulfill corporate social responsibility, prevent occupational hazards, pay attention to the working environment of employees, comprehensively improve employees' safety awareness, and put flight safety and flight service quality at the forefront, and strictly follow the specification requires flight operations to enhance the company's overall competitiveness and continuously move closer to the international aviation industry's international standardization management.