[Rifa Group]The 2018 Annual Meeting Successfully Held

Update date:2019-01-30Source:Rifa Group

On the morning of January 30th, “2018 Annual Meeting of Rifa Group and the 2019 New Year Meeting was held in Hangzhou Xinxin Hotel. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Wei, the director of the president's office. Mr. Jiang Chengji, the vice president of Rifa Group, Mr. Huang Haibo, the chief financial officer, Mr. Wang Ji, the assistant president, the heads of departments, and the employees of Hangzhou and Xinchang offices gathered together for the grand event.

The first item of the agenda is the annual work report of the group executives. Mr. Jiang Chengji, Vice President of the Group, detailed the development of various industries in the Group in the past two years. Airwork is an investment punch, and Jiang has made a clear interpretation of the company's main business, global distribution of its business, output value, comprehensive strength, industry status and future goals. With a two-pronged approach, Air Xiya has also made tremendous progress. The Australian agriculture and animal husbandry industry has gradually become a scale, and the production capacity of each farm has its own characteristics. Rifa Mustang achieved a gratifying breakthrough and won the bid for the only operator of the China Horse Association's rider grading system project. Rifa Textile and Rifa Precision Machinery are  gaining momentum. Mr. Jiang also conducted an in-depth analysis of the current plight of private enterprises that although the various industries are in good shape, Rifa Group still needs to be cautious.

After summing up the business sector, Mr. Jiang emphasized the importance of corporate culture. He said that the Group has completed the international diversification and needs to further improve its efficiency and truly become an "agile international company." The presentation presented the research and analysis of the achievements and mistakes of the past work, and placed high hopes on the work of various departments in the future.

The second item of the agenda is Mr. Ren Pengfei, the deputy manager of the Human Resources Department, expounding the upgrading and innovation of the Group's 2018 manpower work with the times, and making more scientific and rational planning for important systems.

The third item of the agenda is to recognize the advanced individuals of 2018 and affirm their outstanding contributions. As an advanced individual, Zou Wei has grown up almost together with the Group. It is his hope that he can create a bright new future together with Rifa.

The fourth item of the agenda is to award those who have been serving the company for over 5 years. The award is divided into 5 grades according to the number of years. The meeting thanked them for their outstanding contribution to the long-term development of the group. The growth of Rifa Group cannot be achieved without their unremitting efforts.Xu Jinkai, speaking as the senior employee representative, deeply recalled that young man who had just entered the society and the early days in Rifa. He has grown from an ignorant green hand to a mature and persistent man. He sincerely thanked the motherland for creating a good era, and thanked Rifa for letting him play the value of life.

The meeting ended in a thunderous applause. The bell of 2019 has already rung, and Rifa Group is about to enter the next challenging stage. No matter how horrifying the storms will be, Rifa people will always witness the rainbow afterwards.